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FLIR QuickReport Software

FLIR QuickReport, allows users to organize and analyze the radiometric images from its infrared cameras and present them in a report in just three easy steps.

The software allows the user to adjust the level, span, zoom and pan of the camera. FLIR QuickReport features a choice of ten different color palettes. The alarm displays risk of surface condensation, mould growth and inadequate insulation.

The built-in report templates allow the user to either include two infrared images, or an infrared image and a digital photo. Image descriptions and text and voice comments can be transferred automatically into the report.

The Analyze tab in FLIR QuickReport which displays image information and tools to adjust measurement tools, object parameters, text comments and the measurement result table.      

Inspection Report including one IR image and one digital photo plus the analysis result table.

The inspection report can be emailed or exported into Excel, or to the FLIR Reporter software.

Key Features

  • Adjust level, span, and color palette

  • Change Isotherm and temperature levels

  • Create spot meters, lines, and areas

  • Email one or more images

  • Alter parameters for the Dewpoint and Insulation alarms

  • Add your company logo to inspection reports

  • Drag-and-drop images and preview report pages

  • Digitally zoom and pan up to 8 times

  • Fusion: Interval/Blending/Picture-in-Picture

  • Text comments: Add/Delete/Edit
    Download this free package from here.

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