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FLIR relaunch the E30 and E30bx with upgraded features

FLIR relaunches the new E30 and E30bx

Visual camera integrated and extended temperature range

After the successful introduction of the FLIR E-Series in 2011, FLIR Systems is now launching an improved model of the FLIR E-Series entry model: FLIR E30 and E30bx.

Visual camera incorporated

The new FLIR E30 is now equipped with a visual camera. A visual image is often used as a reference against the thermal image. It clearly shows the people that need to do the actual repair where the problem is exactly located. The visual camera produces 2 Megapixel images. By pressing only one button the camera stores the thermal image and the visual image simultaneously. A LED-lamp installed on the front of the camera assures that good quality visual images can also be taken in darker environments. Just like all FLIR E-Series, the FLIR E30/E30bx is equipped with a laser pointer that will help the user to associate the hot spot on the thermal image with the real physical target in the field.


Extended temperature range

The FLIR E30/E30bx is equipped with a state-of-the-art uncooled Vanadium Oxide microbolometer detector that produces clear thermal images of 160 x 120 pixels. Temperature differences as small as 0.1˚C become clearly visible on a crisp thermal image.

The new FLIR E30 can measure temperatures between -20˚C and +350˚C.

The new FLIR E30bx can measure temperatures between -20˚C and +120˚C.

Rugged and easy-to-use The FLIR E30/E30bx is rugged to face everyday use in the most harsh environments. The vital inner core is well protected (IP54 rated). Extremely easy-to-use, all buttons for controlling the FLIR E30/E30bx are right underneath your fingertips. The large 3.5" LCD touchscreen shows clear thermal images and allows access to all camera features.

FLIR Tools included

Every FLIR E-Series thermal imaging camera comes with FLIR Tools software. FLIR Tools allows to import thermal images directly from the FLIR E-Series to a PC and for basic reporting and analysis of your findings.

Main features of FLIR Tools are:

• Import images from the thermal imaging camera to a PC

• Lay out, move and resize measurement tools on any thermal image

• Create PDF imagesheets of specific images

• Add headers, footers, and logos to reports

• Apply filters when searching for images Users that need more reporting functionalities can choose for FLIR Reporter software which is also compatible with the new FLIR E-Series.

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