ITC Level 2 Thermography Course

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The five day level 2 training course prepares you for qualification as a level 2 certified Thermographer.

You will learn about topics in Infrared Thermography to both deepen and broaden your knowledge about infrared physics, heat science, infrared measurement equipment and its application. As a Level 2 Thermographer you shall provide guidance to category 1 personnel in the areas of equipment selection, techniques, limitations, data analysis, corrective actions and reporting.

In order to attend a Level 2 Thermography Course, you shall

Introduction to Thermography:

Review of Level 1 Thermography.


Conversion factors between Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit.

Heat & Temperature:

Convection, conduction and radiation – Radiation Laws.


Blackbodies, emissivity. Planks, Boltzman, Newton, Wein’s laws Optical filters, optical materials, anti-reflective coatings.

Atmospheric transmission and attenuation. Detector technologies and calibration.

Measurement techniques.

IR Measurement Systems Overview:

Details of different thermal imaging camera parameters including, NETD, IFOV, MFOV

IR Windows and Window Materials:

Window measurement formulae, spectral transmittance of different materials.

Transient Thermographic NDT:

Transient Thermographic methods analysed.

ITC Certification Test:

ITC qualification test to be held on last day ofcourse.

Please bring with you a scientific calculator, your laptop with software loaded and your Thermal Imaging camera as they will be used extensively throughout the course. There will be some reading required during the evenings.

Recommended Reading

ASNT Level III Study Guide ISBN 1-57117-015-4

Common Sense Approach to Thermal Imaging ISBN 0-8194-3722-0

Infrared Thermography Principles & Practice ISBN 0903132338

Infrared Thermography Applications ISBN 090313232x

ISO 18434-1 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines - Thermography

ISO 13372 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machines - Vocabulary

To find out the next available dates this course will be run and to book your place please contact us as soon as possible.